FIFA World Championship Badge

Real Madrid defeated the Kashima Antlers in Japan last 2016 at the FIFA Club World Cup Japan and earned the privilege to wear the FIFA World Champions Badge on their uniforms until 2017. The badges were given right after the match with the team from Japan. It is only the second time that Real Madrid will wear the championship badges, the first time was on 2014. Real Madrid is just behind Barcelona which had 3 champions badges of which 2015 was the last.

Source : Flickr

The Champions Badge has an image of a trophy and under it is FIFA WORLD CHAMPIONS. The badge also tells what year the team wearing it won the World Cup finals, truly an amazing sight to see. The FIFA World Champions Badge is given to a team who wins in a major FIFA event and the 2016 World Cup Final went to Real Madrid. This Champions Badge will be worn on their jerseys. The very fist team to receive the badge was the Italy men’s team in 2006 FIFA World Cup. The USA women’s team also had their Champions Badge last 2015 in the FIFA Women’s World Cup which was held in Canada.

Having the Champions Badge on a player’s jersey is a big honor for them, showing everyone that they are the previous champions of the World Cup finals. It is truly an honor to see your favorite football team play and wear such badges. For the whole FIFA competition, the badges represent more than just being a champion but the best in the world.

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